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The Apprentice 2022: Fired candidate Conor Gilsenan hasn’t spoken to fellow candidates since filming

The Apprentice 2022: Fired candidate Conor Gilsenan hasn’t spoken to fellow candidates since filming
It was the end of the road for Conor (left) in tonight’s Apprentice (Picture: BBC)

Warning: Spoilers for The Apprentice ahead!

The Apprentice 2022 continued tonight with Lord Alan Sugar firing Conor Gilsenan after the boys’ failed yet another task – and the former rugby player hasn’t spoken to his fellow candidates since.

Week two of the beloved BBC series saw both groups challenged with creating an electric toothbrush aimed for six to eight-year-olds with an interactive app alongside it.

The boys’ team managed to design another poo-like product, much to Lord Sugar’s concern, and after landing zero sales they were dragged back to the boardroom.

Team leader Aaron Willis decided to bring back Nick Showering and Aaron along with him, but ultimately it was Conor who got the chop, and none of them have spoken since.

‘I haven’t spoken to anyone yet,’ Conor exclusively told ‘I got to know a few people that one day I was on the show, but when you’re on task, you’re on task. You’re not allowed to talk really when you’re not on camera and then when you’re on camera, you’re just talking about the task.’

Conor hasn’t spoken to the fellow candidates since filming (Picture: BBC)

‘I was starting to make a bit of a bromance with Alex Short and Nick, I thought they were really good guys,’ he added. ‘I got on well with Aaron as well.’

Conor explained that the taxi he climbed into after being fired took him straight to a hotel where he stayed there for a night.

‘You don’t get to chat it out with Aaron, you don’t get to speak to Lord Sugar, you don’t get to chat with any of the people you made friends with in there to talk about your experience,’ he pointed out. And there’s no WhatsApp group either.

Conor wasn’t expecting to be fired (Picture: BBC)

Asked whether he thought he deserved to be fired, Conor understandably hit back: ‘Absolutely not! I reckon I’d have a brilliant case of unfair dismissal against Lord Sugar if I took him up in a courtroom.’

Conor believed he was ‘pretty safe’ from Lord Sugar’s stubby finger given he performed well in the first task. ‘I didn’t make any mistake,’ he said. ‘I pitched reasonably well, Karren [Brady] was very complimentary of my pitch but you didn’t see that.

‘Task two, I led, delivered on the requirements and again pitched. I thought I would be fine. Across the two challenges, my name wasn’t mentioned by anyone really. You’d think Lord Sugar would take this stuff into account… but obviously not.

‘What’s funny about it is I actually stood up for Aaron. I actually said, not Aaron. Everyone was saying Aaron. I actually thought he was alright, just the product was bad.’

The Apprentice airs Thursdays at 9pm on BBC One.

Credit: Original article published here.You can read this post on My Celebrity Life.

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