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Lupin Part 2 review: Omar Sy’s magnetic gentleman thief plays with fire in suave return to Netflix crime caper

Lupin Part 2 review: Omar Sy’s magnetic gentleman thief plays with fire in suave return to Netflix crime caper

Assane faces extreme danger in stylish return (Picture: Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix)

Stylish crime caper Lupin has returned on Netflix for Part 2, delivering high-stakes action, inventive plot twists and a magnetic performance from the charismatic Omar Sy.

Lupin, created by George Kay and François Uzan, follows the exploits of Assane Diop (Omar), who takes inspiration from fictional literary character Arsène Lupin, who is regarded as a gentleman thief.

25 years ago, Assane’s father, Babakar Diop, was framed for the theft of a valuable necklace by his wealthy employer, Hubert Pellegrini (Hervé Pierre), and is subsequently killed in prison in an act made to look like a suicide.

Now an adult, Assane is determined to exact revenge on Pellegrini, with Part 1 of the Netflix series seeing him stealing back the same diamond necklace.

However, having a powerful man like Pellegrini on your tail comes with risks, and in the final episode of Part 1, Assane’s son, Raoul (Etan Simon) is kidnapped by Pellegrini’s henchman Leonard (Adama Niane).

Part 2 kicks off exactly where the previous instalment left off, with Assane and his ex Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) searching desperately for their missing teenage son.

What’s Assane up to now? (Picture: Netflix)

While Omar is known for his irresistible smile and charm on screen, the opening for the second half of the season highlights his impressive versatility as an actor, as Assane finds himself in an extremely dark situation that even he might struggle to escape from.

However, Assane is not one to back down easily, with the new obstacles he is facing fuelling his desire to bring down Pellegrini once and for all.

This time, Assane can no longer rely on anonymity, as his face is splashed across the newspapers as the most wanted man in France, spelling the end of the road for his alias Paul Sernine.

Nonetheless, as a master of disguise, Assane manages to continue hiding in the shadows, aided by his childhood friend, jeweller Benjamin Ferel (Antoine Gouy) as he puts his brand new cunning plan into motion.

Fortunately Assane has old pal Benjamin on hand to help him out (Picture: Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix)

If fans of Lupin thought Part 1 was slick, they’re going to be even more taken by Part 2. The higher the stakes, the bigger the pay off as more secrets are uncovered on Assane’s mission for revenge.

Watching the protagonist dupe the police time and time again always makes for an amusing watch, but this time he is in cahoots with Youssef Guedira (Soufiane Guerrab), a detective fascinated by Assane and his role model Lupin in equal measure.

The frequent nods to Lupin are intelligently weaved into the contemporary tale, with Part 2 referencing more elements of Maurice Leblanc’s books that could be explored in future seasons.

Assane has a fascinating history with Juliette Pellegrini (Picture: Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix)

Flashback scenes to Assane’s youth with Benjamin, Claire and his father provide more clarity on how he became the man he is today, while also offering the spotlight to Mamadou Haidara, who plays the young version of Assane.

There are some plot points that seem implausible or are simply not given an explanation. However, you can forgive the occasional illogical moment when Omar delivers a spectacle as beguiling as this one.

It might have been a long five months waiting for Lupin to return with a conclusion to the story, but as far as we’re concerned, it was worth it.

Verdict on Lupin Part 2

For the many fans who were enthralled by Part 1 of Lupin, Part 2 is sure to meet their expectations. The second half of the season amps up both the drama and the entertainment, as Omar continues to shine as the leading man.

While you may feel like you’ve watched the five new episodes in the blink of an eye, the season reaches a satisfying and gripping conclusion, one that leaves room for lots of possibilities for Lupin in the future.

Rest assured – if we were to bet on anything, it would be on Lupin making a triumphant return.

Lupin Part 2 is available to watch on Netflix.

Credit: Original article published here.You can read this post on My Celebrity Life.

Credit: Original article published here.

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