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Inside Dubai jeweller reveals solid gold scarf on sale for £100,000: ‘It’s not much’

Inside Dubai jeweller reveals solid gold scarf on sale for £100,000: ‘It’s not much’
A solid gold scarf will set you back a pretty penny (Picture: BBC)

Inside Dubai returned to BBC Two tonight took a look at the United Arab Emirates’ gold industry, with one jeweller revealing he has a solid gold scarf on sale in his shop for a cool £100,000.

The three-part documentary series left viewers shocked last week after a man revealed he spent $9million on the world’s most expensive personalised number plate, and this evening’s episode was equally dripping in crazy expense.

Shopkeeper Abu explained he has half a tonne of gold available for purchase in his store, but the gold scarf is his most expensive item.

‘It’s not much, but it’s something different in gold,’ he told the camera.

The documentary maker then showed a shot of the accessory, which was wrapped around a mannequin’s face and bust and featured a pair of gold sunglasses.

When asked whether the sunglasses could be thrown into the sale, Abu simply replied: ‘No’.

Fancy the scarf? (Picture: BBC)
Abu didn’t think the scarf was too expensive (Picture: BBC)

Viewers weren’t too impressed by the goods on sale though, not to mention its sky-high prices.

‘The price of everything and the value of absolutely nothing,’ wrote one.

Another wrote: ‘That gold looks so tacky.’

In the first episode of the BBC Two programme, audiences were introduced to the lavish lifestyles of millionaires in Dubai, with one woman boasting the luxury of owning a wardrobe worth £4million and a teenage billionaire opening up about his hobby of wrapping supercars.

Tonight’s second episode – besides revealing the super expensive gold scarf – gave an insight on the property market and showed a British property tycoon’s employees earning several hundred thousand pounds after making a single sale.

Inside Dubai is set to conclude by taking a closer look at the people who visit Dubai for holidays, as jetsetters continue to do so all year round.

Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich continues on Monday at 9pm on BBC One and the full series is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Credit: Original article published here.You can read this post on My Celebrity Life.

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