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Ex Sugababes singer Jade Ewen drawn to ‘intimidating’ Mariah Carey role in Luis Miguel season 3 over their mixed race heritage

Most of us can only dream of what it’s like to walk in Mariah Carey’s shoes but for Jade Ewen, it has become a reality. 

The former Sugababes star is currently playing the We Belong Together singer in season 3 of Netflix series Luis Miguel, which was released today.

It dramatises the life story of Mexican superstar singer Luis, who dated Mariah in the 1990s. Mariah’s character makes her debut in the new series with Jade doing the honours of portraying the music icon.

It’s the role of a lifetime not only because Jade is personally a huge fan of Mariah, but also because the powerhouse singer is one of the stars she can relate to the most with them both being mixed race women.

‘No pressure,’ Jade laughed while chatting to about her coveted role.

‘[It was] initially quite an intimidating prospect and also because as a fan of hers, I think everyone would feel super protective over whoever plays her and how she’s portrayed so it’s a big challenge. That being said, there’s so much in my life that synchronistically has tied this whole thing together. In a weird way I didn’t realise it but I think I’ve been preparing for this thing my whole entire life.’

Jade was perhaps always destined for the role as her first CD was Mariah’s album Daydream, while she had to audition singing her favourite Mariah song, the sultry guitar-led ballad My All.

Mariah’s character is introduced in season 3 of Luis Miguel (Picture: Netflix)

She continued: ‘We have an idea of who we think [Mariah] is as an icon and artist but when you delve into her personal life and read her biography, I was like, wow! I so relate to her experiences of being a mixed race woman and having challenges growing up and her childhood, how difficult her experiences have been in the music industry.’

Being a woman of colour in music

Jade, 33, went on to explain how she’s been ‘embraced in the acting world’ but it’s a different story when it comes to music.

‘Certainly my experience in the music industry is that people have in the past needed to pigeon-hole you,’ she said. ‘I don’t know if that’s specifically about race but it has always been like, I did the Eurovision so that’s what I am, and I did the Sugababes so that’s what I am.

‘I think that’s part of the conversation of when you’re mixed race, you’re not one thing or the other. It’s that bit where the two intersect that I think people are still trying to get their heads around.’

She added: ‘You can be multi-faceted or you can have two cultural backgrounds or more… I just totally related to what she’s talking about. There was such a big discussion about [Mariah’s] hair in her biography and I’ve had similar experiences with my own, my hair’s naturally curly and I remember being in the music industry being like you always have to wear your hair straight.

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