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Euphoria season 2: Will Rue Bennett die? Concerned fans share their theories after episode 1

Euphoria season 2: Will Rue Bennett die? Concerned fans share their theories after episode 1
The series is so unpredictable, who knows what will happen (Picture:HBO)

The first episode of Euphoria season 2 has dropped and naturally, fans are already trying to work out what will happen to our beloved characters in the series finale.

*Warning spoilers ahead for Euphoria season two episode one*

The East Highland gang was back with a bang, and the opener showed Rue Bennett (Zendaya) using drugs again after she relapsed following her breakup with Jules Vaughn (Hunter Schafer).

Dune star Zendaya recently revealed what lies ahead for Rue and warned there are dark times ahead.

Speaking to, she said: ‘This season, more specifically, she goes to the rock bottom.

‘When we get midway through, that’s when the rock bottom hits, and that’s where it became extremely painful for all of us to watch. And to portray her going through it hurt me.’

And many fans have predicted that the final episode might be the last for some of the main characters.








One convinced viewer wrote: ‘Sorry but Rue is dead and she is just telling us what happened after the fact as an omnipresent director.’

While another believed Cassie Howard, who is known for her obsessive need to people please, might be killed off in the finale.

The fan wrote: ‘I’m calling it. Cassie from Euphoria is gonna be ready by the end of the season. Idk why or how but it’s gonna happen. And possibly Rue’s sister too, idk I just have a feeling.’

Meanwhile episode one also saw a spark between Fezco (Anglus Cloud) and Lexi Howard (Maude Apatow) aka the two most unproblematic characters of the show.

During the New Year’s Eve party the teens seemed to be getting close much to the delight of fans, and while Euphoria isn’t known for its happy endings, they are really shipping this couple.

One person wrote: ‘Must protect Fezco and Lexi at all costs. They’re the least problematic characters of the whole show.’

While another dug a little deeper and wrote: ‘I have a #Euphoria theory!!! Lexi is gonna get close to Fez but just bc she might wants to know what’s the deal with drugs and the feelings around. Her dad and Rue are suffering from drugs addictions, of course she would want to know what’s up with that to feel close to them.’

After Nate exposed his shady deals to the police, the episode ended with Fezco nearly beating Nate to death, so we’re not sure how much that’ll affect Lexi’s perception of him.

We’ll have to wait and see how it all unfolds.

The second episode of Euphoria returns on Monday, January 17 at 9 pm on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.


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