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What to watch this week from Invasion to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sex, Love and Goop

What to watch this week from Invasion to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sex, Love and Goop
Apocalyptic drama and sex tips? We’re in (Picture: Macall Polay/ Netflix/ Amazon)

Planning your TV-watching schedule for the week ahead?

Make sure you add these shows to the list.

After all, who wouldn’t want to see Gwyneth Paltrow’s new gig as a sex guru in Sex, Love and Goop?

Plus there’s apocalypse thriller Invasion (if you’re not sick of hearing about the end of the world), an insight into the life of pop sensation Justin Bieber, and a reboot of 00s crime drama Redemption.

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Invasion stars Sam Neill (Picture: Macall Polay)

Let’s forget climate change, petrol shortages and potential Christmas catastrophes for a moment to focus on something cheerier — you know, like an alien invasion.

Yes, this is another entry into the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it genre, but there’s not a little green man in sight as society begins to buckle under the impact of a string of apparently unconnected events that are causing chaos around the planet.

This is perhaps not the best time to embrace apocalyptic mayhem but a classy cast, led by Sam Neill, and well-crafted storylines that give depth to an international cast of characters will draw you in.

Available Friday.


Sex, Love & Goop

Gwynnie’s giving sex advice (Picture: Netflix)

Since her conscious uncoupling from Coldplay’s Chris Martin — that phrase still raises a chuckle — Gwyneth Paltrow has branded herself the queen of new-age nurturing, mothering products and theories under her Goop wing.

She’s full-on at it here as a bunch of real-life couples open up to Gwynnie about their sex problems and she goes about helping them hit the spot. It’s peculiarly entertaining, like a soft-porn therapy session, but if anyone comes near me brandishing a pair of wolverine claws (one of the more cutting-edge sex aids) then I’m out of there quicker than you can say ‘charlatan’.

Available now.

Amazon Prime Video

Justin Bieber: Our World

Go behind the scenes on Justin’s latest tour (Picture: Amazon)

How much you enjoy this feature-length fan letter masquerading as a documentary rather hangs on whether you’re a Belieber or a Non-Belieber.

The mega-successful Canadian pop star comes across as a likeable guy — and he can even carry off a baggy canary yellow tracksuit look — but as the film charts his tour preparations, there’s precious little attempt to scratch beneath the surface of a career that’s not been without its ups and downs, and you’re left thinking ‘who is Justin Bieber exactly?’

Available now.


Leverage: Redemption

The ex-cons are back after 9 years (Picture: Amazon)

Does Leverage ring a bell with you? The updated Robin Hood-style series in which ex-crims rob the rich to help the poor bowed out after five years in 2012.

Now it’s rebooted as part of the new IMDb service, free to Amazon Prime subscribers.

Available Friday.


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