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Ben Affleck reveals items he stole from set of his latest film Tender Bar set: ‘I wanted to take it all’

Credit: Original article published here.
Ben Affleck reveals items he stole from set of his latest film Tender Bar set: ‘I wanted to take it all’

Ben Affleck couldn’t help but take a few things home during his appearance in The Tender Bar, and we absolutely don’t blame him.

The 49-year-old led a stellar cast for the upcoming flick, starring as bartender Charlie Moehringer alongside Tye Sheridan as JR Moehringer, and Christopher Lloyd as the beloved Grandpa.

George Clooney directed the coming-of-age film, which is based on the memoir of the same name by the real-life JR Moehringer, set in the 1970s.

Chatting to in a joint interview with Daniel Ranieri – who plays the younger version of the main character – Ben admitted that he nicked some props from the set, as it served as a reminder of his childhood.

As you do.

‘I did steal a few things,’ he told us. ‘I’m the age that his [Daniel] character was, so all these little advertisers, the flyers, the little props, the cigarette packs, I wanted to take it all. I grabbed a few things here and there, especially these little flyers and advertisers.

Ben Affleck took a lot of the props home with him after filming of the Tender Bar ended (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)
Ben starred alongside Daniel Ranieri for many of the scenes (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

‘The props and the set decoration were beautiful and so nuanced. As an actor, when you feel like you’re living in this real environment, you open the drawer and the right things are in there, it just makes all…

‘For me, it brought back a lot of memories of being that age and having that experience, and seeing the world from that point of view.

‘The books were cool. It was nice to have a movie that was so affectionate about writing and literature, and the written word, and how clearly you felt the memoir as interpreted by the screenwriter, as interpreted by George, the collective affection for the beauty and art in the way words are used, and stories are told.’

‘I didn’t take the hairstyle home,’ Ben laughed.

Ben also heaped praise on director George Clooney (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

George was at the helm of the heartwarming adaptation, and is known for enjoying himself on sets, playing pranks and keeping his colleagues laughing.

That was definitely no different on the Tender Bar, with Daniel heaping praise on the Ocean’s Eleven actor.

‘He was great,’ he insisted. ‘He taught me a lot of things. He taught me how to act, he told me the right expressions when you’re filming, and he’s just such a prankster. He was so funny.’

Rushing to agree, Ben explained how ‘lucky’ they were to have someone so experienced behind the camera.

‘The same with me, the exact same thing,’ he said. ‘In any capacity, if you’re working for somebody who has done your job and done it for a long time, and understands what you’re going through, what you might be thinking, and what might make it easier, what might make it more difficult… It just makes it such a better, more effective process.

‘If that person has done so well in the way that George has, you just get to benefit from years of talent and experience.

‘He gave really some of the best notes I’ve ever had as an actor, the most useful, brilliant notes.’

The Tender Bar is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video on January 7.


Credit: Original article published here.You can read this post on My Celebrity Life.

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