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H&M launches a new collection of snazzy knitwear for your dog

H&M launches a new collection of snazzy knitwear for your dog

Is there anything cuter than a dog in a jumper?

Though there is a pervasive myth that all dogs are impervious to the cold because they have fur, this is not true.

There are some dogs who are bred for winter and therefore can handle it much better than others, but even if London isn’t exactly reaching Arctic temperatures, dogs should be at least given a little jumper while we are wrapped up in seven layers, a scarf, a hat, and three pairs of socks.

To that end, fashion brand H&M has launched a line of affordable dog jumpers, following in the footsteps of Missguided, who released their own dog jumpers in late 2021.

Though Misguided’s dog jumpers were quite festive and colourful, they didn’t have a specific theme – but H&M’s range does.

H&M’s dog jumpers are distinctively cartoon-themed, featuring embroidered characters such as Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, and even a little reindeer.

The cartoon-themed jumpers are very stylish and colourful (Picture: H&M)
Each jumper is made from an acrylic and polyester blend (Picture: H&M)

They also have a jumper suitable for larger dogs in teddy material and one that says ‘Corgi’ in a lovely serif font – it’s not a requirement to have a corgi to buy this jumper for your dog, of course, but it is recommended.

Each of the cartoon jumpers are available in a variety of colours – white, grey, beige, and lilac – so your dog can rock their stylish jumpers every day of the week. Sometimes it’s not a lilac day, but never fear, your little pooch has a few others to choose from.

Jumpers range from £9.99 to £17.99 in price (Picture: H&M)
There are jumpers available for every size of dog (Picture: H&M)

The line ranges from £9.99 to £17.99.

It is made from high quality acrylic and polyester, and each jumper has a ribbed collar so your pup will be warm and comfy all the way up to their ears.

Globally, the pet care market grew to $232 billion in 2021, so it’s no surprise brands like H&M and Missguided are jumping on the bandwagon.

Considering how cute the jumpers are, and how cold it is, it’s likely they will sell out soon so grab one while you can.

In the meantime, let’s hope that H&M will bring out more dog jumpers in varying styles so we can stock our pet’s closets with the high fashion they deserve.


Credit: Original article published here.You can read this post on My Celebrity Life.

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