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TikTok reveals UK’s most watched videos in 2021: From Gordon and Tilly Ramsay to The Pool Guy

TikTok reveals UK’s most watched videos in 2021: From Gordon and Tilly Ramsay to The Pool Guy

TikTok has officially revealed the UK’s most popular videos of the year, with the likes of Gordon and Tilly Ramsay, The Pool Guy, and of course an adorable cat, landing some of the top spots.

The video platform has had a huge year, with stars including Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift joining the fray.

But rather than sticking with celebs, it turns out the UK has some pretty random tastes when it comes to their For You Page faves.

From street art and road sign painting to pretending to be Spider-Man, here are the British TikToks the world couldn’t get enough of this year.

@mmeowmmia (184.9m views)

Smashing it with more than 189million views is, of course, a cute cat.

Since the dawn of the internet, funny cat videos have united us all, and it seems 2021 is no different.

@mr.colitiscrohns (171m views)

Many TikTok stars have used their platforms for good, with Mesha Moinirad, also known as Mr Colitis Crohns, showing his stoma bag and why it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

He’s clearly made a huge impact, with the video racking up 171million views and becoming the second most-viewed video of the year.

@thep00lguy (145.7m views)

Just a guy cleaning a pool. Why is it so hypnotic?

The Pool Guy has got everyone addicted to his satisfying videos, raking in 145.7million views. We’re off to watch hours more of him tbh.

@fatcapsprays (143.2m views)

Speaking of satisfying…

This artist has had millions mesmerised with his street art and for good reason.

@.baby.frogs (141.6m views)

@.baby.frogsWait for the end… it’s not a threat… i promise. Or is it? #frogarmy #tadpoles #pool #nature #fyp

♬ original sound – Baby Frogs

We all became obsessed with this actual army of frogs, watching them grow from frogspawn into tadpoles on their way to full grown frogs.

As to what she’s planning to do with them? We still don’t know, but they could be taking over the world any day now.

@jonosean (141.6m views)

Sometimes you just need to watch a guy paint a road sign, knowing you’ll never be able to do something that precisely.

We’re obsessed.

@tillyramsay (120.3m views)

@tillyramsayGuess who’s cooking I prefer @gordonramsayofficial #fyp

♬ the real sorority check – elizabeth the first

Strictly star Tilly shocked the internet when she admitted she liked her mum’s cooking better than her (world renowned chef) dad’s.

She’s perhaps the one person who could get away with saying it and we love her for it.

@newuk001 (113.1m views)

Oh to be a smartphone, floating on a flipflop. That’s all.

@jeremylynch (113.9m views)

Jeremy Lynch has summed up all of our childhoods and we feel slightly attacked.

We’ll be practicing our Spider-Man moves until further notice.

@samdracott_farrier (104.3m views)

Clearly the UK just loves to see horses being taken care of and we’re here for it.

Racking up 104million views, Sam Dracott showed everyone how it’s done.


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