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MrBeast earns more than any other YouTube star ever as he tops 2021 rich list

MrBeast earns more than any other YouTube star ever as he tops 2021 rich list
MrBeast has topped the YouTube rich list with an astonishing figure (Picture: @mrbeast)

YouTube star MrBeast has not only made it to the top of the 2021 rich list, he’s earned more in a year than any other YouTuber ever has.

Not too shabby…

The 23-year-old – real name Jimmy Donaldson – earned $54million (£39million) in 2021 according to Forbes.

That’s $9million (£6million) more than Jake Paul, who’s second on the list, and a whopping $24million (£17million) more than MrBeast made last year.

It’s also nearly double what Ryan Kaji made last year when he topped the rich list with $29.5million (£21million).

MrBeast’s absolutely huge boost is reportedly down to YouTubers as a whole getting more views, while he’s also launched a fair few business ventures including MrBeast Burger.

He’s also not afraid to try spectacularly big stunts, including his real-life Squid Game, which was watched by 100million people in just four days.

Jake Paul

At number two is controversial star Jake, who earned $45million (£32million).

It’s easy to see where his cash has come from when you look at his boxing career, taking on three hugely popular bouts, all of which he won.

According to the site, while Jake is now able to monetise on YouTube again following his and his brother Logan’s controversies, his boxing career accounts for 90% of his earnings.


Markiplier – real name Mark Fischbach – comes next as number three, earning $38million (£27million).

He saw huge merch sales following his Unnus Annus series, and is next working on various TV shows.

Rhett and Link

At number four are the Good Mythical Morning duo, Rhett and Link, with $30million (£21million).

They’ve built an impressive empire with their Mythical brand, introducing various spin-offs throughout the year – and it definitely seems to be going down well.


The only newcomer to the list, Unspeakable – real name Nathan Johnson Graham – has taken the Minecraft world by storm, earning $28.5million (£18million).

He’s been posting consistently for the past decade, but last year sold his catalogue of videos to the company Spotter, which may explain the sudden huge boost.

The full YouTube rich list 2021

MrBeast – $54million (£39million)

Jake Paul – $45million (£32million)

Markiplier – $38million (£27million)

Rhett and Link – $30million (£21million)

Unspeakable – $28.5million (£20million)

Nastya – $28million (£20million)

Ryan Kaji – $27million (£20million)

Dude Perfect – $20million (£14million)

Logan Paul – $18million (£13million)

Preston Arsemant – $16million (£12million)


Credit: Original article published here.You can read this post on My Celebrity Life.

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