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Molly-Mae Hague’s name changed to ‘Thatcher’ as Wikipedia vandalised in wake of interview backlash

Molly-Mae Hague’s name changed to ‘Thatcher’ as Wikipedia vandalised in wake of interview backlash

The Wikipedia page of Molly-Mae Hague was vandalised overnight to mimic the backlash the influencer has received off the back of a recent interview.

During an appearance on The Diary Of A CEO podcast in December, which was amplified this week, the former Love Island star shared her belief that ‘if you want something enough, you can achieve it’ and that we all have ‘the same 24 hours in a day’ which, it is now more than apparent, has not gone down well.

In a statement from Molly’s reps shared with, it was insisted the star acknowledges ‘everyone is from different backgrounds’ and that her comments were about ‘time efficiency relating to success’ as well as ‘hard work and determination in her own life’.

But after being compared to the late Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, with some detractors labelling Molly ‘Thatcher with a tan’, others have gone one step further by vandalising her Wikipedia.

On Friday morning, the star’s name had been changed to ‘Molly-Mae Thatcher’, with the information on her page edited to reference the interview and her comments.

Describing Molly as a Love Island star, the leading introduction added she was famous ‘for having worked harder than anyone less successful than her’.

Further down, it was suggested her podcast comments ‘showed tone-deaf insolence and an obnoxious sense of ignorance’, noting ‘there is an unprecedented use of food banks and an electricity/gas crisis’.

The page has since been edited back to reflect her real name (Picture: Wikipedia)

Even mentioning the burglary of Molly and Tommy last year, in which the pair were robbed of jewels and designer belongings, the Wiki entry read: ‘Thatcher and Fury were burgled and had £800,000 worth of possessions stolen, she had to work really hard for those possessions,’ before, in another edit, the page incorrectly claimed: ‘Thatcher announced her support of the British National Party’ which is a far-right, fascist political party.

At the time of writing, most edits have been removed (with a clear back and forth with edits on the page in its history), with her name returned to displaying as Molly-Mae Hague, however the criticism of her podcast appearance remained.

The Love Island star has seen huge popularity over the past few years, with her career as an influencer and becoming the creative director of Pretty Little Thing. She is thought to be worth around £2million, with the PLT deal being worth seven figures.

However, she was branded ‘tone deaf’ by some after hitting back at past criticism she’s received during the interview.

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