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Katie Price’s daughter Princess Andre isolating after testing positive for Covid on three tests: ‘I feel fine’

Katie Price’s daughter Princess Andre isolating after testing positive for Covid on three tests: ‘I feel fine’
Princess Andre had three positive Covid tests (Picture: Instagram)

Katie Price and Peter Andre’s daughter Princess Andre has revealed she is isolating after testing positive for Covid.

The 14-year-old shared that she has contracted the virus while talking to her 500,000 followers on Instagram live.

Showing her positive tests, Princess told the camera: ‘The first one came back negative and then I did three more and they all came back positive.

‘I jinxed it though because yesterday I was like, “I wanna get it, cos I don’t want to go to school.” And then I got it. I feel fine right now.’

‘I don’t feel ill, I feel fine,’ she continued. ‘Like I feel normal. I feel normal. I don’t even feel ill.’

Princess added that her dad Peter encouraged her to take a test after she told him she felt ‘weird’ and ‘sick’.

The teen shared news of her isolation on Instagram live (Picture: Instagram)

The youngster’s brother Junior tested positive for the virus last May and also told his fans on Instagram live.

‘Don’t manifest it,’ he said. ‘Listen, if it happens it happens. But I know God wants me to live my life to the finish, so I’m not gonna die from Covid and if I do, I do. I don’t wanna die.’

He went on to detail his symptoms.

Princess is Katie Price’s daughter (Picture: Instagram)

‘The first few days, my head was the worst,’ he revealed. ‘My head was banging so much. I dunno how I got symptoms, because I’m a child, I’m 15. But my head was banging, my body was aching, my throat was fine.

‘And then all of a sudden my body’s sort of stopped aching – it aches sometimes – my head still bangs but not as much but for some reason my throat is so sore. It’s killing me, I don’t know why.

‘It’s not part of the symptoms I don’t think, but maybe I’ve got something else with Covid. Yeah, I have Covid. I’ve got what’s it called? Like a week left.

‘Yeah, I’ve got Covid. And for some reason I have, like, symptoms. Normally minors don’t get symptoms. It’s not severe… it’s just annoying.’

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