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What Collagen Supplements Actually Do For Us

What Collagen Supplements Actually Do For Us
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Over the previous couple of years, it’s felt like each magnificence and wellness model is speaking about collagen. They’re both bringing out skincare merchandise formulated with collagen-boosting substances that may be utilized topically or introducing ingestible collagen dietary supplements to spice up collagen manufacturing from the within out.

And whereas we type of already knew collagen was good for our skin, it additionally performs different necessary roles in our physique perform — because the Founder of JSHealth, Jess Sepel, defined to us. Ahead, we chat by way of the perform of collagen within the physique and the science behind how collagen dietary supplements can help our general well being.

First up, what precisely is Collagen?

If you’re not aware of collagen, it’s essentially the most considerable protein within the physique and is the biggest a part of the extracellular matrix (a community in our physique that gives help and construction to our cells), explains Jess. “This matrix supports smooth, firm and strong skin. Collagen is a protein that regulates skin physiology and skin structure, predominantly made by the amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.”

You is perhaps shocked to be taught that collagen isn’t simply collagen. There are literally over a dozen differing kinds with three most important ones making up 80% of the physique. “The type of collagen and how it has been extracted are the main factors that affect its function. Type 1 is the most common in skin, bone, teeth, tendons, ligaments and organs. Type 2 is in cartilages, and Type 3 is contained in the skin, muscle and blood vessels,” says Jess.

What impacts our pure collagen ranges?

We already know {that a} gradual decline in collagen occurs as we age, leading to high-quality strains and wrinkles. However, Jess explains that there are different components in our every day lives that may have an effect too.

“Other elements that can exacerbate this include sunlight, smoking, environmental pollution, alcohol and nutrient deficiencies. The skin’s elasticity is destroyed, wrinkles can appear, and the skin can become thinner and dryer due to the reduction in collagen.”

Our pores and skin additionally comprises excessive ranges of vitamin C, a widely known antioxidant that may shield in opposition to UV harm from the solar and stimulate collagen manufacturing, says Jess. “Skin cells in connective tissue depend on vitamin C for collagen production and to regulate the balance of collagen and elastin.” That explains why we’re seeing so many vitamin C merchandise in skincare regimes lately.

How do collagen dietary supplements work?

While we ought to be consuming a weight-reduction plan wealthy in protein to assist increase our collagen manufacturing naturally, taking a complement to help additional collagen manufacturing will be helpful for the pores and skin.

Consistently taking collagen dietary supplements has been discovered to manage pores and skin perform and will be useful on the subject of treating ageing pores and skin, explains Jess. This is particularly true of marine collagen.

“Collagen works in two ways in the skin. Firstly, it supplies the building blocks for collagen and elastin production. Secondly, it holds together the cells in the connective tissue in the skin to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid,” Jess tells us.

“Marine collagen has an anti-aging effect on human skin, demonstrated through a recent clinical trial revealing a significant increase in skin elasticity in a group of women aged 35-55 years. The same group of scientists also demonstrated a substantial reduction in skin wrinkles after daily consumption of collagen hydrolysate.”

What are the advantages of collagen dietary supplements?

Jess factors out that marine collagen has been proved to have extra advantages as a result of it’s absorbed as much as 1.5 occasions extra effectively into the physique, which signifies that it’s extra bioavailable than bovine or porcine sorts. “As it is absorbed more efficiently and enters the bloodstream faster, it is considered a superior form of collagen.”

Multiple studies have researched the influence of marine collagen peptides and their anti-ageing results. “Marine collagen has been shown to support human skin elasticity, increase skin hydration, reduce wrinkles and support the musculoskeletal system.”

Are collagen dietary supplements good for extra than simply your pores and skin?

Yes! Collagen has extra advantages than simply its results on pores and skin physiology, explains Jess. “It can also protect hair against chemical damages and help to support the musculoskeletal system. In a study, marine collagen was found to increase the level of skin moisture, and the same collagen was able to penetrate and spread into the fibres of hair cells.”

And in excellent news for health lovers, Jess tells us that collagen has nice muscular advantages as nicely. “Collagen’s protective effects on muscles were demonstrated through a study that showed that the combination of resistance exercise and collagen supplementation improved body composition, increased muscle mass and decreased fat mass compared to placebo in older men with sarcopenia. Muscle strength was also enhanced after collagen intake.”

So how lengthy do it’s important to wait to see outcomes?

Like all issues, outcomes differ from individual to individual, explains Jess. However, “a study was conducted in which marine collagen peptides were shown to increase the skin moisture level by 12% in a period of 8 weeks and the collagen density in the skin also increased. And results were generally maintained after 12 weeks.”

That doesn’t imply which you can cease taking the dietary supplements and count on to take care of your outcomes after 12 weeks. The key to seeing outcomes and truly sustaining them, like with all skincare and wellness, is consistency. Like you would typically apply your skincare routine, you want to routinely take dietary supplements to see any actual modifications and advantages.

Are there any uncomfortable side effects?

Short reply: no. “Collagen supplements are not commonly known to have side effects, says Jess. “However, always ensure that you’re guided by your health professional to assess if taking a collagen supplement is suitable for your individual needs. Individual results and effects of supplements do vary.”


Credit: Original article published here.You can learn this publish on My Celebrity Life.

Credit: Original article published here.

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