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The best winter nail art to ask for at your next appointment

The best winter nail art to ask for at your next appointment

Just like clothing, our nail art choices change with the seasons.

Spring and summer was filled with pastels, florals, neons and 1970s swirls.

However, as the temperatures drop, we want something different.

Usually, our sartorial colour palettes darken, as do our nails. And, as social events heat up, we want sparkle.

But choosing nail art can be difficult. #nailart currently has more than 97 million posts on Instagram alone, so for those of us who struggle to make a decision, this proves a problem.

But never fear, because Metro is here and we have put together a selection of the best winter nail art for 2021.

From zebra print to watercolour works of art, there is something in the nail world for everyone.

Here are our top picks:

Zebra detail

AW hearts

Diamond crowns

A work of art

Brown french tips

Golden foil

Burgundy love

Life in watercolour

Starry night

Electric red

Black and gold

Glitter ombre

Shades of brown

Subtle sparkle

Tip top

Beauty is in the eye

Purple illusion

Touch of gold

All wrapped up

Stars in her eyes

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